Smart optimization for your building

Up to 40% savings for your heating​

The yord optimizer makes your heating system intelligent: it optimizes its operation to save energy while maximizing your comfort.

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from day one

yord performs a calibration of your building to understand its thermal behavior. Your savings start from day one and increase over time.

Quick and easy

The yord box is connected to your heating system, whatever its age and type. It does not require any modification to the installation.

Sustainable energy efficiency

Consumption reduction, air quality monitoring, monthly reporting are all services that yord provides for you.

How it works


A first visit of your building allows us to know your installation and your needs, in order to identify the savings.

System implementation

Our team installs a box connected to the heating system, as well as wireless sensors inside and outside the building.

Real-time optimization

Our algorithms continuously optimize to better understand the building and your habits to maximize your energy savings.

Reporting on savings

yord produces a monthly report on the evolution of heating energy consumption and the savings achieved.